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Future Dates: Feb. 14-16 & 19-23, 2025


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Show location map

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About the audience

The Ford 69th Annual Indianapolis Boat, Sport & Travel Show is a cost effective and important way to reach your core consumer. Below are statistics taken from our show surveys.

80% of attendees gathered vacation information relating to: Fishing, Camping, Hunting, Houseboat Vacations, Whitewater Rafting & Much More.
75% thought the information was above average to excellent. Attention retailers! Big ticket items to cash-and-carry items.
76% of attendees plan to make a purchase while at the show.
74% of attendees are likely to make future purchases based on what they see at our show.
According to our survey, shopping for travel destinations and fishing tackle were 2 of the top 3 reasons attendees came to our show. The Indianapolis Boat, Sport & Travel Show continues to be the place for Midwesterners to gather info, plan their vacations and make equipment purchases. It continues to bring back its’ crowds and increase attendance each year!

What Renfro Exhibitors Say

71% of exhibitors have attended our show for 3 or more years.
82% of exhibitors were very pleased with the number of qualified buyers/leads they obtained at our show.
76% of attendees plan to make a purchase while at the show.

We get the word out

Reach Over 1.6 Million Households Across the Midwest

Our regional advertising campaign includes over 100 television stations, radio stations, and publications in the Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Louisville and Chicago DMAs and across the Midwest. Reach over 1.6 million households throughout the Midwest. Be a part of this all-encompassing marketing campaign for the Midwest’s biggest sport show.

2023 Ticket Sales

Exhibitor FAQ's

A:  Your space application is your request for booth space in the show – it is not a signed agreement. Applications are evaluated by our sales staff, and once it has been determined that your product/services best fit the show, we will extend an invitation and you will be sent a lease agreement.

A:  Glad to have you in the show! You may either send a check or you can pay with a credit card. PLEASE NOTE: ALL FUNDS are to be in US DOLLARS, and if you are paying with a credit card and we are unable to swipe your card, there is a 3% processing fee.

A:  Yes – all exhibits must be staffed during all hours open to the public (SEE LEASE AGREEMENT – you are contractually obligated to staff your booth at all times). REMEMBER, show attendees have purchased tickets with the expectation that you will be there to answer questions. If your booth isn’t staffed, you are missing the opportunity for potential business.

A:  The number of exhibitor credentials you receive is calculated based on booth space. If the amount you receive isn’t enough for your purposes, you may purchase additional multi or single day credentials for those working your booth. Our Exhibitor Guide explains the amount provided based on booth space, and you can find that information by following this link and clicking on the “Exhibitor Guide” button –

A:  At the time of check-in, exhibitors for the Boat, Sport & Travel Show can pick up packets (which include credentials, parking passes and any additional information that pertains to your company) at the Champions Pavilion Show desk. We do not mail exhibitor credentials.

A:  We no longer have names on our credentials, so there is no need to provide a list of names of those who will be staffing your booth(s).

A:  There is specific, designated parking for trailers. Empty and stock trailers have different parking area designations. The Show staff will tell you where those areas are when you check-in. It is free to park your trailer on grounds.

A:  Each exhibitor will receive an allotted number of parking passes. The Fairgrounds give our show a set amount of passes to be distributed. Those who have the pass do not have to pay for parking – but if you have multiple workers, those that do not have a parking pass will have to pay the Fairgrounds fee to park. There are no additional parking passes to purchase. Check with Show Office staff once all exhibitors have checked in – there may be additional passes from exhibitors that didn’t need all that were allotted to them.

A:  Setup hours are based on the location of your booth. The Exhibitor Resource Guide has exact times/days for each building. Follow this link and click on the “Exhibitor Guide” button

A:  Yes. As part of your agreement, we provide each booth with one 500 watt outlet per 10’ of booth space at no extra charge to you. If you need additional amperage, you can contact the fairgrounds electrician, Ermco, to discuss your needs. The following link takes you to the exhibitor resources page on our website – just click on the “Electricity” button.

A:  Wifi is available and you can contract with Ermco, the Fairgrounds Electrician, to gain access during the show. Click on the “Internet” button.

A:  You may rent booth items (tables, chairs, carpet, etc.) through our Show Decorator, Fern Exposition Services. Pricing and contact information can be found by visiting and clicking on the “Show Decorator” button.
A:  You are welcome to have literature and product shipped to the Fairgrounds. PLEASE NOTE: There are certain times we can accept freight at the Fairgrounds. Make sure to find the most up-to-date information on our website. All details about the process for shipping, including labeling, timing and location instructions, can be found by following this link: Just click on the “Exhibitor Guide” button.

A:  There is one “will call” area for the Indianapolis Boat, Sport & Travel Show, in the Champions Pavilion Show office, which is located inside the double door entrance on the north side of the Champions Pavilion. IMPORTANT: NO BOX OFFICES OR DOOR STAFF SERVE AS “WILL CALL” – guest passes and extra worker credentials cannot be left at box offices or with door staff.

A:  Absolutely! Each year we have several hotels in which there are block rates for our exhibitors and out of town guests who are planning to visit the show for more than one day. You can find the hotel information by following this link and click on the Hotel & Camping Info button.

A:  There are RV accommodations on the State Fairgrounds! You can find the pricing and procedures to secure your camp site by following this link 

A: NEW REGULATIONS BEGINNING 2019: Exhibitors are not permitted to bring pets or live animals into the Show, with the exception of certified service animals, which wear the appropriate service vest. All service animals permitted into the Show are to be kept within the confines of the exhibitor’s booth.

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  • We draw attendees from across the Midwest with our all-encompassing and effective marketing campaign!

  • We have more than 65 years of success in bringing targeted audiences to our exhibitors to prospect for new and future customers, sell goods and services, promote new ideas and gain name recognition.

  • We are family owned and operated

  • We are show producers who care about our exhibitors. We are always on the show floor and can be reached at any time.

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2021 Info Coming Soon!

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