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Our advertising campaign includes over 100 television stations, radio stations, and publications in the Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Louisville and Chicago DMAs and Across the Midwest. Our events are truly regional events, drawing potential customers from across the Midwest.

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How We Do It

With all the advertising options available today, local radio is still the #1 method of reaching potential customers. Our radio spots are played on over 60 radio stations throughout Indiana and across the Midwest. Whether they’re listening to country, classic rock, sports or talk radio, our commercials can be heard by over a million listeners.

Television advertising remains a vital part of our advertising campaign and expands with the addition of new networks and stations each year in the Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Louisville, Dayton, Evansville, Terre Haute, South Bend, Lafayette and Champaign markets. Our commercials can be seen by millions of potential show attendees on their local broadcast stations as well as on cable, satellite, U-verse and Video on Demand.

Our print advertising can be found in an array of publications across the Midwest from recreation-focused magazines and newspapers to local hometown newspapers and area event guides. Print advertising is still a very effective way to reach a targeted group of attendees who are interested in the outdoor lifestyle and the products and services our exhibitors have to offer.

With the popularity of mobile devices, no advertising campaign would be complete without digital advertising. Statistics show that the average person checks their mobile device 125 times each day. Our digital ads (both display and video) reach these individuals who get their entertainment and information in non-traditional ways. And unlike more traditional forms of advertising, we are able to target individuals with very specific interests and deliver ads to them anytime, anywhere.

Details about our shows including exhibitor lists, features, floor plans and schedules can be found in our Official Show Program, which is distributed at every entrance to our shows, featured on our website and social media pages and e-blasted to tens of thousands of highly interested individuals who have requested to receive information from us. Exhibitors have the unique opportunity to buy display ads in our show program which are linked to their websites on our e-reader version, putting their information in the hands of many qualified buyers even before the show opens!

Surveys of our show attendees indicate that they, like many, are actively using Social Media on a regular basis. In fact, over 70% of our attendees regularly watch YouTube videos. Each of our events has its own Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat accounts as well as a YouTube channel. We have over 65,000 followers who rely on our Social Media accounts for the latest show information and industry news. Our Social Media accounts share details about our shows, introduce exhibitors and their products and services to our followers, provide live streaming interviews during our events and promote our shows to new potential attendees through our posts and videos which are shared by our followers with their like-minded friends. With our paid advertising campaigns on Facebook and YouTube we use a laser focus to target highly qualified buyers seeking to purchase your products or services.

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  • We draw attendees from across the Midwest with our all-encompassing and effective marketing campaign!

  • We have more than 65 years of success in bringing targeted audiences to our exhibitors to prospect for new and future customers, sell goods and services, promote new ideas and gain name recognition.

  • We are family owned and operated

  • We are show producers who care about our exhibitors. We are always on the show floor and can be reached at any time.

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