Flint Wilderness Resort

Flint Wilderness Resort has been in business for the last 20 years promoting outdoor vacations in Canada, and the United States.  In this time we have been doing Sport, and Travel shows through out the United States, and Europe.  It has been our experience that the Renfro family has produced some of the finest Boat Sport and Travel shows that we have attended. We find that Renfro Productions works very hard to keep their Boat Sport and Travel Shows interesting for the guests to keep them coming back year after year.  By doing this I find that the Renfro Shows are always well attended with people interested in my product at Flint Wilderness Resort. 

When we attend our Sport Shows to promote Flint Wilderness Resort it can be a challenge.  The Renfro family have always made us welcome while attending their shows, with a family style atmosphere, and a professional manner.  We look forward to seeing The Renfro’s once again this year to help us promote Flint Wilderness Resort. 

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