Expanded Quiet Sports Area returns to Ford Indianapolis Boat, Sport and Travel Show

The quiet sports.  You may not be familiar with the phrase, but you have certainly seen and perhaps even participated in one or more of the low-impact, human-powered outdoor activities the phrase describes.  From mountain biking and climbing, to fly fishing and kayaking, many of the so-called quiet sports are among the fastest growing outdoor recreational activities. 

In fact, for an increasing number of serious outdoor enthusiasts, one or more of the quiet sports have become more than just a hobby.  They have become a lifestyle.   Of course, the market has responded with an outpouring of high-quality equipment and services in support of these pursuits.

As a result, Renfro Productions and Management is committing more floor space than ever to the quiet sports at the upcoming Ford Indianapolis Boat, Sport and Travel Show at the Indiana State Fairgrounds Feb. 15-24.  Indeed, an entire building will be transformed into the Quiet Sports and Outdoor Living Pavilion at this year’s show. 

Quiet Sports Area Features

Key quiet sports attractions and features will included a hands-on mountain bike exhibit, a fly casting pond, Discover SCUBA display, kayak demonstration pool, top-notch seminars, multiple exhibitors and much more.

Mountain bikes in Indiana?  You bet!  The Hoosier Mountain Bike Association (HMBA) has helped to develop or maintain over 120 miles of outstanding mountain bike trails right here in our state.  HMBA will be on hand to provide instruction and guidance to show-goers on an actual mountain bike skills course.                 

Fly fishing continues to grow in popularity – including right here in Indiana, where more and more folks are learning that you don’t need trout to fly fish.   An all-new 180-foot fly casting pond will take center stage at this year’s Quiet Sports Area, where a variety of seminars and a fly casting competition will be offered by the pros from Flymasters of Indianapolis.  First-timers will receive instruction and encouragement, while more seasoned casters can compete to win some great prizes.  Of course, exhibitors will be on-hand with a huge selection of fly fishing gear and tackle.

Kayaks and canoes are more popular than ever – and for good reason.  These portable and versatile boats offer anglers and recreational paddlers a more intimate on-the-water experience.  They are both high-tech and highly economical, which adds a great deal to their appeal.  A variety of the latest kayaks will be available for show-goers to try in the Kayak Demonstration Pool – including the whitewater variety, popular sit-on-top models and several of the newest purpose-built fishing models.  Kayak fishing has exploded in the past two years, and Indy-Yaks will be on-hand all ten days of the show to answer questions and help introduce people to the exciting world of kayak fishing.

Ever dreamed of exploring the world beneath the water’s surface? Diver’s Supply invites you to experience the thrill of scuba diving through their interactive Discover Scuba display.  Under the supervision of a Diver’s Supply professional, show-goers will be given the opportunity to experience scuba diving in pool or pool-like conditions. They will be taught the basic concepts and scuba skills to prepare for their own open water adventures!

Another key quiet sports feature is the return of the crowd-pleasing dock-diving dogs. Dockside Promotions will conduct the Vest-A-K9 Dock-Diving Event to entertain show-goers while also raising funds for a worthy cause – providing bulletproof vests to police dogs.  So, jump in!

Other quiet sports features and exhibitors are being added regularly.  For an up-to-date list, visit www.indysportshow.com.

Quiet Sports Seminars

The Ford Indianapolis Boat, Sport and Travel Show is well known for its high-quality seminars.  Visitors to the Quiet Sports and Outdoor Living Pavilion will be treated to a variety of high-profile speakers covering interesting and insightful topics – from what it takes to summit the world’s highest peaks, to the best paddling opportunities right here on Indiana’s rivers and streams.

Ace Yakey is an Indianapolis man with more than a casual affinity for high-altitude mountaineering.  He has reached the summit of some of the world’s greatest peaks on three different continents – including Denali, North America’s highest.   Casual hikers and hard-core mountaineers alike will gain valuable insights at Ace’s seminar entitled, Climbing Denali, “The Great One”.

Show-goers will also hang on every word from Joe Lawson, another Indianapolis native and founder of Expedition Hope – an organization dedicated to raising awareness and support for depression and mental health.  Lawson climbed on six of the world’s greatest seven summits between 2005 and 2009, and reached the tops of three of them.  Attendees at his seminar, Expedition Hope: A Quest to Climb the Seven Summits, will find instruction, entertainment and inspiration.

Of course, there’s much more to see and learn at the Quiet Sports and Outdoor Living Pavilion seminars besides mountain climbing.   Renowned paddler Garry “Muskrat” Hill will share his years of knowledge and experience on the topic of Kayaking and Canoeing Indiana’s Rivers and Streams.  Other don’t-miss seminars include Fitting and Packing your Backpack with outdoor professional and former U.S. Olympic Ski Team member Chris Rounds, Choosing a Kayak, Packing a Canoe Portage Pack, Stand-Up Paddle Board Basics, Fly Fishing at Home and Around the World and many more.  Check www.indysportshow.com on a regular basis for up-to-date seminar listings and schedules.

Many of the so-called quiet sports have been around for many years, but have become more relevant and gained wider appeal in recent years due to evolving economic, environmental and other social factors.  Whether a lifestyle or a casual interest – the quiet sports attract a growing number of participants each year, and the expanded Quiet Sports Area at this year’s Ford Indianapolis Boat, Sport and Travel Show is the perfect place to learn more and see more of these great outdoor recreational activities.

Media Contact:  Susan Kreiner, Renfro Productions and Management, 6405 Dr. MLK Jr. Blvd., Anderson, IN  46013.  877-892-1723.  susankreiner@sbcglobal.net

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